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Studies, corrosion protection plans

Baumit Ltd. Expertise on the degree of crystallization of alfa-hemihydrate produced in Visonta, discovery of the cause of defective batches
Céh Bridge Ltd. Corrosion protection plan of north Danube bridge in road M0
CÉH Tervező, Beruházó és Fejlesztő Inc. Corrosion protection plans (3 pieces) for corrosion protection works of bridge steel structures
Conitech Rubber Ltd. Review of technical process providing protection against corrosion and metal–rubber adhesion
ContiTech Rubber Industrial Ltd. Relationship between dydrogen sulphide caused hydrogen-induced corrosion and hardness of steel raw materials
ContiTech Rubber Industrial Ltd. Expected pitting and crevice corrosion of stainless steel inner stripwound tubes in seawater
ERŐTERV Inc. Corrosion study about examination of ageing of nuclear power plant structures
Euro-Norp Harcon Inc. Expected corrosion of steel structures of CET Budapest project
Fémtiszta Ltd. Issues and tasks of high-pressure water surface preparation related to environment protection
Fővárosi Vízművek Inc. Corrosion tasks in the activity area of Waterworks
Fővárosi Vízművek Inc. Corrosion state of first generation ductile iron pipes
Hídtechnika Ltd. About the coating system specified for corrosion protection of steel sheet piles in Győr-Gönyű harbor development and about the coating system offered by the Contractor
HO-RA Ltd. Corrosion protection plan of a railway bridge built over the main road no. 8
I-Ypszilon creative group Corrosion questions of central monument of 1956 Hungarian revolution
MOL Inc. Relation between planned corrosion protection technologies of Őrség gas pipeline enlarging and environmental effects
Nagév Ltd. Corrosion issues of hot-dip galvanized hot water tanks
Nemzeti Autópálya Inc. Expert revision of quality control documentation of corrosion protection of Szent László bridge
Olvex Ltd. Solutions for corrosion protection of crude oil storage tank bottoms
Ostorházi Bevonattechnika Ltd. Technical recommendation for repainting the concrete plants of Frissbeton Ltd.
Reind Ltd. Expertise on corrosion processes to be taken into account during pyrolysis of refuse, and on structural materials likely to be corrosion resistant
Schiedel Ltd. Corrosion problems of metal lacing chimneys in case of natural gas firing
Star Seismic Europe Ltd. Expert opinion about expected corrosion properties of Buckling Restrained Braces (BRB)
Technova Mérnökiroda Exhaust gas corrosion statement of fabrication scheme of destructor